West End Strand Charing Cross Hotel

Hosting Venue – West End – Strand Charing Cross Hotel

The Charing Cross Hotel was constructed in the late nineteenth century as part of the Guoman Hotel Collection. Reflecting the splendour of Victorian Era, the hotel is known for its architecture, cultural heritage and historical importance. Located within the heart of Central London, the hotel looks upon the Strand and Trafalgar Square offering stunning views to its customers. Although from the external facade, the hotel has a patina of time on it, but within it offers you the convenience of the modern age through high tech facilities such as Wi-Fi. The hotel inner atmosphere is that of elegance and classicism. Its character reflects the Victorian ages back in the time.

Charing Cross Hotel

The Hotel is conveniently situated for visits to the River Thames, St James’s Park, The Churchill War Rooms and the Houses of Parliament.
Considering the varied range of customers the Charing Cross hotel receives annually, the management offers different types of suites to its customers. Listed below are the categories the rooms are divided up under:

Deluxe Double: It is the ideal choice for anybody visiting London on a for business purposes. The room is well equipped with unlimited Wi-Fi that the customers can avail form anywhere. It offers you seamless connectivity through a secure passage. The download speed is fast for multiple files to be handled at a single time. These are perfect for you to take off your shoes and relax back after a day of hectic meetings.

Deluxe Single: The motto in this particular category is comfort. Offering you a queen-sized bed with deep mattresses and bed linens made out of Egyptian cotton, the customers can feel pampered over here. Other than that, the room comes with facilities such as unlimited Wi-Fi with unlimited download speed over a secure connection. Even while away from friends and family, one can stay connected to them.

Deluxe Twin: This room has little more to offer than the previous ones. Equipped with a thirty two inches screen plasma TV, bathrooms and slippers, the rooms offers stunning views of The Strand from its Victorian styled windows. The room comes with unlimited internet connection along with high downloading speed over safe passageway.

Executive Double: The name of the room speaks for itself.  Spaciously designed to accommodate a larger group of people, the room is an iconic representation of Guoman Style. Equipped with Wi-Fi and unlimited downloading speed, the room offers you a secure connection. The room can be used for various purposes; let it pleasure of business. The adjoining bathrooms are fitted with Italian furnishings, heated flooring, modern shower heads and mirrors that do not fog upon steam. The guests can avail the private checkout service as well and room service.

Executive Twin: With a walk in shower and a spacious sitting room, the executive twin offers a perfect atmosphere for couples, families or businessmen. With various luxurious services being offered in the Executive suites, the room offers the same as that in Executive Double.

Executive King: To avail the best of best, the king Executive is highly recommended. With a luxurious bedroom and separate sitting areas, the room has an adjoining bathroom designed through Italian fittings. It offers you privacy and relaxation that one seeks with views overlooking Trafalgar Square and The Strand.


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