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Webpage and website content from the SEO point of view.

Valuable Content

Make sure every webpage in your website has something of value on offer. As we seek to improve positioning of our webpages on Google’s results pages, incoming links to the webpage and website will help. Great content may result in natural links – link bait. A set of family lawyers in North London could consider writing an article on recent or interesting family law issues. If the article is interesting it might attract incoming links with family law in the anchor text.


Avoid distractions including animation and sounds. An optician provides a colour dyslexia test to determine whether a child’s reading difficulty improves with coloured lenses. A simple change in colour of the screen may show how this works. You want your visitors to concentrate on your content. Scrolling text can be annoying as the reader cannot choose the speed.
Popup windows are an annoying distraction. It may result visitors leaving your webpage. Google has the technology to measure time on site and time on page. People leaving your pages in a hurry will have a negative impact on your websites positioning.

Website Organisation.

Give consideration to the website’s navigation. Internet surfers want information quickly and if the cannot follow the links and navigation on your website they will leave.

Webpage length.

There is little scientific evaluation of this important aspect of web design. A broker offers to find the best luxury kitchens in your area. Should his articles on luxury kitchens be 500 words or 1000 words. Programs like Internet business Promoter will look at the top 10 pages on ‘Luxury Kitchens’ but there is nothing to tell us that Google’s algorithm is topic specific. Some suggest that an ordinary webpage should be no longer than 2 screen lengths and article pages no more than 6-7 screen lengths. The problem is that with the increasing number of screens in use, who is to say what the length of a screen is. At one extreme we have small smartphones and many have 24” monitors for their screen display with desktops. Internet Business Promoter is a keyword tool that assists you with on-page optimisation. An SEO consultant London has reported that although it provides guidance, it makes assumptions that are not valid because it does not adequately look at incoming link values. He runs SEO courses in London where you can learn more about SEO and debate SEO issues with an expert. Click here for SEO courses in London.

Text line length.

It is easier to read text with a maximum of 15 words than 40 words.

Text / Background contrast.

Dark backgrounds, even with light text, are difficult to read. The best contrast is black text on a white background. An IT support company in Chelmsford has light green text on a dark green background. It is difficult to pick out IT Support Chelmsford in the text. It would be better to have better contrast so that IT Support Chelmsford is easy to read.

Text size

Avoid large blocks of tiny or large font size.




Avoid underlining unless it is a link.


Use anchor text (the linking text) self-explicit as to what the reader will find on the linked page.


Informative images can enhance a webpage. Avoid large images as they can take a long time to download. Graphics are an important area in web design. A firm produce excellent web design in Essex for those in the Essex area.
An Internet based company sells Tom Ford Glasses. They should include images relating to Tom Ford Glasses on the relevant web pages. Each image should have Tom Ford in its file name and ‘Tom Ford Glasses’ in the associated Alt text. Find out more about Tom Ford Glasses here.

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