Pension Schemes

Pension Schemes

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When a staff member pays a contribution, however little, into a Pension Scheme, it is the duty of the trustees to ensure that, when a participant leaves the Scheme, the individual’s pension pot is there for them to take at retirement.

Trustees are commonly confronted with members that have actually left the Company and have maybe moved house and cannot be contacted about their pension. There may be a number of reasons why the trustees need to contact individuals – maybe the Pension Scheme is in surplus and they are due some extra money.

Locating these people can prove troublesome and often active members of the Scheme will have to bear the cost of the administration in distributing any surplus.

Finding a tracing company

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There are specialist tracing companies that are committed to helping trustees to find previous members which could be due any surplus in the Pension System. Sometimes employment solicitors are also used.

Trustees can locate a tracing company or an employment solicitor by searching online for tracing company London or employment solicitors London. Websites with a high PageRank will appear near the top of a google search list and these companies may well have taken courses about search engine optimisation which would help to promote their websites.

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One reason for a member not being contactable by the trustees is that they are unwell or have died.

If a member has a problem with their eyesight, it could be that they haven’t been able to read any correspondence that may have been sent to them. A trip to an optician regularly is always advisable even if you don’t have a problem with your eyes.

Opticians perform various tests. Apart from a dyslexia test online or an eye pressure check, they can do tests for glaucoma or cataracts and many other things. Your general health can also be assessed purely by looking at the eyes.

A tracing company should not have a problem tracing members who have died.

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