Eyes and how to care for them


healthy eyes

Our eyesight is vital to us, yet numerous people do not have their eyes checked regularly.

Normal eye examinations can ensure that you keep your eyes in good shape . Opticians can likewise give skilled guidance about various problems that can occur like glaucoma, cataracts, floaters and macular degeneration.

And there are lots of basic things you can do each day to help to care for your eyes.


Caring for your eyes

Long days working at a computer screen, not being able to eat healthy meals or failing to remember to remove your make-up before going to bed can all lead to problems with your eyes.

But there are things you can buy like eye health vitamins and eye drops to treat specific problems.

If your eye sight is failing you and you are convinced you’ve seen your staff out socialising when they have phoned in sick, rather than calling in help from private investigators London has excellent opticians and you may just need your eyes tested.

Does your child have trouble reading at school? If so, opticians have a dyslexia test available to them to help with investigations into your child’s eyes.

Protecting our eyes

eyes sunglasses

We use sun tan cream on our skin to stop it from burning and it is equally vital to shield your eyes from the sun. Using sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and minimise glare from sunlight that can cause lasting problems such as cataracts.

Ray-ban prescription glasses or Gucci sunglasses are very popular.

Regular eye checks

Many conditions like diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure and high cholesterol can be detected by eye tests.

Visiting your optician should therefore be as instinctive as visiting your dentist. Search online for optician Loughton or dentist Hendon and the google first page should bring up opticians or dentists that are local to you.

Opticians and dentists often employ web designers to design their websites. An optician or a dentist will specialise in eyes or teeth and is very often not so good at computer work. Search online for web design Loughton or web design Hendon and there will be companies that can help you to set up a website to promote your business.



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