New build or loft conversion?

New build or loft conversion?

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There are many factors to take into consideration when building a new property.

Building Regulation Approval is very different to Planning Permission and Building Regulations are connected to the actual building of a property but can influence the look of a building.

In the past it was possible to offset inefficiencies in buildings such as large areas of glass by using something like solar panels or other renewable energy sources.

This is not the situation anymore and these days the external walls should be efficiently designed. This has completely changed the way architects and designers of buildings approach building design and has a knock-on effect on planning approval and ultimately how much it will cost.

Currently these policies simply apply to new buildings and there has not been an increase in compliance requirements for loft extensions or any other kind of extension to your residential property.

When space is dwindling in your home and your kitchen cupboards are full, it might be a good opportunity to think about an extension, rather than moving house.

A loft extension can make use of all readily available space to create a spacious, contemporary bedroom with an en-suite wet room or bathroom providing important extra living space in your home.

Choosing loft conversion contractors

When choosing a contactor to extend your home, ideally you would want an experienced, specialist loft conversion or extension company. They would normally have their own in house project managers.

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Search online for loft conversion Essex or kitchen extension Edgware and companies with a high domain authority will show up on the first page of google. It is always a good idea to get quotations from several companies.

Offices may also be looking to expand. A private detective London may need extra private rooms for an increasing workforce and an extension would be cheaper than finding alternative premises.

Search online for leaflet drop London if you are looking to advertise your loft conversion business via leaflets through letterboxes. Builders can pick up a lot of work this way.




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