Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones and SEO

Mobile phones are one of the most talked about possessions people have in 2013. Competition amongst network providers is

Mobile Phones

fierce, with only a few in the marketplace, all trying to win customers with special handset offers, text and data bundles packages and potential to upgrade to aspirational phones.

Most people prefer to go for smartphones today, with competition equally strong amongst companies such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Sony. They constantly upgrade their product offerings with faster processing chips, better cameras, improved functionality, higher quality screens and attempt to find the optimum handset size for customers. The services that they provide mean that people no longer need to be tied to their desktop computers or need an internet connection for their laptops to get on the World Wide Web. They are able to access websites and conduct web searches on the go, in cafes, on trains or even walking along the street.

This means that companies looking for business through the internet have even more reason to ensure that their websites are easy to find through search engines. One of the ways in which they do this is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of their websites. Put simply, this means making sure that when someone searches for something a business can provide, that business does all it can to make sure their website appears at the top of the search listing. With 90% of web searches being carried out on Google, getting to the top of Google’s rankings is more than vital. Keyword SEO Pro is a tool that allows you to target your efforts more productively and achieve better SEO results.

Search engines rank websites in terms of relevance to the search a user types in. The authority of a webpage is its PageRank with the authority of a website best indicated by its HomePage PageRank. There is also a boost in PageRank to a minimum of 4.5 for HomePages competing for a specific keyword.

This can be shown by Total WebPage Authority = PR + HPR + BPR*

Looking at certain keyword search phrases through Keyword SEO Pro, you can determine the best search phrases to compete for. Two of the keywords are in the Total Page Reputation – Keyword Difficulty Red Zone: Keyword tool and Wills and probate. This means sites have an average HomePage PageRanks of more than five, too high for most SME websites to achieve a top ranking position for.

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Total Page Reputation Keyword Difficulty – Blue Zone Keywords

Solicitors in London is a Blue Zone TPR-KD  at 8.4; this is at the high end of the Blue Zone and considerable link power acquisition would be required for a website to achieve top page positioning on Google. It would be far easier to compete on this phrase than for ‘wills and probate’ with a TPR of 10.6. Mens designer glasses is a little easier in terms of keyword difficulty with a TPR-KD of 7.5. Roof space conversions is also a Blue Zone keyword with a TPR-KD of 7.3.

Total Page Reputation Keyword Difficulty – Green Zone Keywords

Whereas Solicitors in London is a Blue Zone Keyword, Solicitors in Barnet is in the Green Zone with a TPR-KD of only 6.3; requiring considerably less link power for top page positioning. Similarly, employment law solicitor carries a surprisingly low rank of 6.4. This shows that by narrowing a search field by geographic coverage or by a subsector of a larger market, SMEs can achieve greater success with SEO in their specialist field or location. It therefore follows that attracting people searching for business networking West Essex is far more achievable than reaching a first page position for business networking.


PR = Page Rank
HPR = HomePage PageRank
BPR is the boost applied to the effective PageRank of a HomePage that is competing for a keyword to a minimum of 4.5



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