Local Business Networks in England

Local Business Networks

local business networksLocal Business networks are one of the most profitable ways of marketing small businesses looking for customers of clients in their geographic location. They work on the premise that businesses targeting the same customers will be able to work as a group to share contacts, recommend other companies in the group and pass business where possible.

Some of the most successful business networking groups are: Business Network International (BNI) 4 Networking, Breakfasting Network, Smart Networking and Women in Business Network.

local business networksA group of businesses in the North-East London and Essex area might group together to pass details of customers looking for other services. For example a company offering computer support in Essex might have a customer that mentions they are recently separated from their partner. They might then recommend a firm of divorce solicitors in Hendon that is a fellow member of the local business network. Click here fore more about divorce solicitors in Hendon

Similarly, whilst being shown around kitchen showrooms in Chigwell, a potential customer might tell the sales manager that they are launching a new company and are struggling to understand the intricacies of developing a website. The kitchen salesman might then pass on details of a company specialising in website design in Loughton or a domain authority.  If they know a leaflet delivery London-based company, they might check if they operate in the Essex area and recommend their services as well.

An Essex psychiatrist that finds recommendations in local business networks might see a client who is sick of living in a house full of junk and is suffering from depression. They might recommend clearing the house of unneeded goods or expanding the living area. If they know a loft extension Essex based specialist, they may see fit to offer them a contact card.  They might also recommend a commercial cleaner to help with the challenge.


Local business networksThis is how local business networks allow businesses to support each other and upsell services of partner companies to their existing client base as well as friends, family, contacts and associates.  The simple process works for people with the confidence to be outgoing and strike up conversations with people they meet every day.

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