Law firms and free website hosting

health law solicitorEven though law is one of the most affluent professions in the UK, many law firms still operate very basic websites, many use free website hosting packages and spend little time investing in their online marketing.

When finding a good solicitor, people are far more likely to go to a lawyer recommended to them by a trusted friend or professional acquaintance. If they require legal support, they will want to know they are putting themselves in the hands of someone trustworthy, reputable and successful. Yet once that recommendation is given, they are almost certain to qualify the recommendation of a solicitor by going to their website and reading testimonials as well as looking for the solicitor’s contact details and areas of specialisation.

One thing everyone is likely to do in life is write a will. They say the only two sure things in life are death and taxes. To ensure that your estate goes where you want it to, you need a legally tight will which will usually be held on file with a solicitor to execute after death. The UK death duty laws are tight from Plymouth to Wick. If you are down South, you can search online for Plymouth wills or will writing in Devon to find a capable lawyer in the wills and probate area.

law firmMore difficult is finding a suitable lawyer for a specific law case. If you are going through a divorce, you might need to find a local divorce lawyer to fight your case if the marriage separation is acrimonious. A divorce lawyer should specialise in getting the best financial settlement for you. If you’re in the North London area, you might search your nearest suburb on Google, for example searching for a divorce lawyer in Enfield. However if there are children involved and a custody battle is likely, you might look for a family law specialist that can better handle the desired legal outcome over more complex family issues on top of the financial settlement. Family lawyers in North London are not hard to find on the Internet if you do not wish to let friends or family know of your impending divorce.

If you are having contract issues at work or suffer dismissal unfairly, you might need the services of a specialist employment lawyer. This is a more complex area of law and you should attempt to find someone with experience in your business sector. There is a huge increase in the number of cases brought by doctors for unfair dismissal. Searching for a health employment law solicitor might direct you to an expert that can help you.

Although many lawyers will not consider their website to be of high importance, preferring to let their legal reputation speak for them, it is ill advised. Rather than using free website hosting, many larger firms will have internal servers and use them to host their website securely. Lawyers should have a professional looking website that showcases their values and provides a range of testimonials to confirm a recommendation given by word of mouth. Lawyers wanting to improve their website can find a specialist law firm website. For more information about small business web design for law firms, click here.

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