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Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming – Author – James Bond


Ian Fleming, the brains behind the creation of the spy character James bond was born on 28th May 1908 in Green Street in Mayfair – London’s West End. His full name is Ian Lancaster Fleming and he was one of the four sons of a renowned and affluent family. His father’s name was Valentine who spent most of his time in the Parliament and later on joined army to serve his nation in World War I. Fleming was only nine years when his father died in the war.

Originally a journalist, Fleming has been known to have tried out other professions as well. He was the naval intelligence officer service the Royal Navy in World War II. Fleming received his early schooling from the renowned Eton School and military academy Sandhurst from where he went on to universities in Munich and Geneva.

It was during his military career that Fleming gained much knowledge concerning spies and the workings of intelligence agencies. With two intelligence units under his supervision, the author was part of the establishment of Operation Golden Eye and Operation Mincemeat. It was his time during the war and as a journalist that helped him formulate the character of James Bond; a spy licensed to kill.

In the year 1952, Casino Royale was the first Bond novel to be published. It was received with much enthusiasm which resulted in eleven more being published based on the same character. The public was rather intrigued by the concept of a man living his spy life along with high tech gadgets, stunning ladies, fast cars and life threatening situations. Bond investigated arch criminals, fought them and invariably won. In a way, he was like a super private investigator although he was working on behalf of the government.

James Bond is a character in the novel enrolled in the service of the Secret agency of the Great Britain also known as MI6. His antics and stories enthralled he audience to a great extent that soon the character materialized in the form of a movie played by Sean Connery. The bond Stories are known to be one the most famous novels ever released with more than hundred million copies sold worldwide. It is one of best fictional works ever to have made an appearance. Fleming has a prominent position in the list of fifty greatest writers of Britain.

Fleming was not only the author of spy stories but also dabbled in the world of Children’s’ fiction. Fleming was a father to his only son, Caspar. He was married to Ann Chartiers. He wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for his son’s entertainment which was later converted into a film as well.

Fleming died in the year 1964 because of a heart attack, a problem he had developed due to intense smoking and drinking.

Even after his passing, the author seems to have left a legacy in his wake. Two of his novels were published after his death which was received with equal amount of enthusiasm as the previous one. Till date, movies are produced on the legendary character he has created. Every person, from a child to an adult is familiar with James Bond also known as Agent 007. The most recent movie released upon the character is Skyfall with Daniel Craig featuring as the Intelligence Agent.

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