Email newsletters benefit marketing for small business and charities

bristol marketing agency
bristol marketing agency

Even though technology and the Internet have pushed forward infinite innovation in online marketing used by small business for marketing, the good old newsletter remains a highly popular communication tool for many, small business and charity marketers. Printed newsletters are still popular, particularly where there is a public space used by the organisation but many companies aim to gather email lists and send their newsletter electronically.

A small business marketing agency might still be used to create and design a modern newsletter but these days, the newsletter is far more likely to reach recipients via email or websites. A local Bristol exercise club or gym would use a newsletter might be used to let gym members know about exercise classes, gym opening time changes or holiday season changes to the timetable.

Bristol is a healthy city, and the current European Green Capital has a high number of gym goers and because of the hilly nature of the city, people are generally keen to walk or cycle to and from work. Bristol is also a creative hub for small business and sees stronger growth than most other cities. Bristol is also the only city other than London to contribute positively to the nation’s GDP.

It is also a city with a thriving charity and not-for-profit sector. Bristol is home to the South West region’s Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. There are many social charities and it is the West of England hub for many national and international charities. Various commemorative pieces and family heirlooms can be found in the area from antiques online websites.

Start-up business promotes awareness days in the UK. United Kingdom Awareness days help business, charities, not-for-profit organisations and social media users to promote worthy campaigns such as local and national issues, be it health awareness, events or fundraising for charity. Businesses might advertise their support of awareness days through online marketing and traditional marketing including posters, sales promotion in store and letterbox leaflets.

marketing and seo expert agencyInternet and online companies do well in Bristol. The city sees lower commercial rates than cities such as London, where many companies are started in the sub
urbs. Web design in Chingford is a growing business area, and also does well in Bristol. A Bristol marketing agency would be able to work with a web design company in Loughton through online communication. Similarly, a company in Bristol or Loughton could work for a company needing SEO Essex or Bristol based, using the same keyword research processes that a company in London or anywhere else would use.