Doctor’s Support and Will Writing for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

doctor's supportThere’s no doubt that receiving a diagnosis of a progressive disease such as Parkinson’s Disease can be hugely stressful to a patient and their family. But in today’s world of technology innovation and online information, there is plenty of support and help at hand.

For the patient and their family, decisions can be made about treatment and life planning based on medical advice and information found online. Parkinson’s charity Parkinson’s UK offers a huge amount of support via their website and telephone support service. They also have support workers that can provide help and assistance for people suffering with Parkinson’s Disease.

Charities like Parkinson’s UK have marketing departments much like businesses that work for profit. In order to be found online, successfully fundraise, find skilled support workers and operate their business model, it’s important for a charity to be successful with their website marketing. There are marketing agencies that specialise in marketing charity organisations. A marketing agency that works with charities will be able to achieve strong results with a limited budget.

Parkinsons-disease doctor's support
Parkinsons-disease doctor’s support

For the patient, much like Parkinson’s UK, forward planning is important. They must ensure that they have access to care and nursing services is important. This might mean selling the family home or making changes to the family financial system. For help with this, a family solicitors might be called on to safeguard certain savings or make changes to mortgages or life insurance. A family solicitors in Edgware could be instructed to make changes to the patient’s estate management.

Patients with a Parkinson’s diagnosis might update or make their will to minimise the stresses when Parkinson’s Disease becomes more severe. You can find a will writing solicitor by searching on google for a will writing service near you. For example, in Plymouth you might search for Will writing Devon.

For doctors that look after patients with Parkinson’s Disease awareness of their situation and likely changes in quality of life can be hard to bear. There are plenty of resources for Doctor’s support services. For Occupational health services can provide psychological support and counselling as part of a doctor’s support network.

Additional services such as home help and cleaning services might be useful as people with Parkinson’s Disease often suffer from physical decline and exhaustion. A home help or cleaning service might be recommended by friends and family, but they are often advertised locally through local internet marketing sites and directories or through leaflets and flyers delivered through the letterbox. Letterbox leaflets are often targeted to the area a cleaning company works in and will vet cleaners to ensure they employ trustworthy people.

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