Divorce D-Day – Couples hit Google to search for solicitors

divorce-solicitors-enfield[1]The day after the Christmas and New Year festivities has become known as “Divorce D Day”. It is a phrase coined because of the high number of couples that start divorce proceedings on the first business day of the new year. The reason for the peak in divorces is due to a combination of painful break-ups over the holiday period and the decision by many more couples to hold-off news of their decision to separate until after Christmas, usually for the sake of their families and children according to Sky News.

Couples starting divorce procedures today will be looking out for divorce solicitors and where children are involved, many will look to a specialist family law solicitor. Couples that are able to put off announcing their separation until after the Christmas holidays are more likely to split through an amicable divorce but divorce solicitors are still needed to ensure the divorce is carried out within the law. Failure to divorce legally could lead to problems with taxation, wills and probate and entitlements later in life.

Divorce lawyers are often found through word of mouth recommendation but in cases where couples don’t want to make their divorce public knowledge or where one party in the marriage wants to take divorce action without their partner knowing, many people find a divorce solicitor online. Searching for a divorce lawyer or divorce solicitor on Google is often the best means to find one. Recent developments with the Google algorithm also mean’s it is more likely that a Google search for a divorce lawyer will show a range of divorce solicitor local to the person carrying out the search.

Divorce solicitor enfieldSomeone living in North London that searches for a divorce lawyer is likely to see results for divorce solicitors in London, many of which will take a substantial amount of time to travel to in such a large city so it is still worth limiting results, for example searching for a divorce solicitors in Enfield or a family law solicitor in Finchley. This is likely to achieve results where lawyers and solicitors are in close proximity. In smaller cities such as Plymouth, trying to find a specialist in law is much easier. Searching for ‘wills and probate’ for example if you live in Plymouth is now likely to be enough to find a solicitor specialising in wills in Plymouth.

Because of client confidentiality, it is harder for lawyers to post testimonials from clients or boast about successful case outcomes on their websites. They need other ways to ensure visitors to a solicitor firm website pick up the phone and instruct them. This means developing a strong website and using online marketing, SEO and social media effectively. There are niche online marketing agencies specialising in small business or law firm websites. Again, law firms could look at locality when searching for an online marketing and SEO specialist in Essex or London for example.

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