Content Sources for Online Content Marketing

Content Sources for Online Content Marketing


A fundamental part of internet website promotion to get more leads as well as business is the advancement of new content demonstrating experience – content marketing. Site visitors who find intriguing information could spend additional time on your website, consider more pages and this will in turn boost the quality score of your site and of your pages. This will have an encouraging effect on your rankings on online search engines like Google.

Where can you find top quality information about ideas for your brand-new write-ups?

Online Searches

euros-money-visualization-how-to-attract-money-hypnosis-amazing-abundance-youtube-650-1Web searches for subjects like “benefits of …”. An accountancy firm might look for ‘advantages of using an accountant in Essex‘ and they might find lots of interesting information about bookkeeping services, tax advice or financial planning.




Online Media

There are a range of internet media resources that offer articles on a plethora of subjects and inevitably some will certainly be significant for your website. These include:-

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Local Internet Media

A search online for ‘local newspapers’ will certainly provide a list of breaking information resources in your area.

Article Directories

Some writers frequently publish short articles on Article Directories. Valuable directories include:-

Keyword Planner Program

wedding-photographer-wedding-photography-live-lessons-seeme-yt-450The Google Keyword Planner is a keyword tool supplied by Google to help people looking for information to help with the advancement of AdWords. A wedding photographer in Essex could search for relevant useful words and the tool will certainly show keywords like bride and groom photography, wedding portraits or contemporary wedding shots.


Google Alerts

You could set Google Alerts to alert you by email of relevant news events pertaining to any subject you might choose. A builder doing bespoke loft conversions in Essex might want to set alerts for architect’s drawings, attic extensions or Essex roof conversions and you could decide to get these alerts as they take place, every day or every week.

Duplication v Fresh Web Content

Online search engines like Google do not like to include duplicate data from different websites as this is not popular with searchers. It is crucial that you don’t duplicate information by merely copying something from another site and putting it on your site. You can as a minimum, change the write-up and put your own comments into the article. Include your own pictures and videos to make it look even more fascinating.

Blog site Posts and Social Media Auto-populating

If you are a fan of WordPress, there are some plugins, like JetPack, that can be set up to send summaries of your articles on their own without your intervention to your Twitter and Facebook pages.