Why Call Answering is essential for winning new business

Why Call Answering is essential for winning new business


Advertising and marketing is very important to your company. Without customers, you would certainly have no business so looking out for your existing client base, together with looking for new clients, is an essential part of marketing.

An outstanding interview coach providing people with skills to succeed at job interviews might be highly successful at securing jobs for candidates once they have been offered an interview yet if the coach has a poor marketing record and does not bring in new clients, their business is unlikely to prosper.

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They could also have a fantastic website but if it is not on the first page of the Google results pages, not many people will find the website and even if you have undertaken much keyword research for your site with the help of the keyword difficulty tool, few individuals will find you.


There is something else that might stop a prospective customer using your company and this is frequently neglected in smaller companies. The way in which a telephone call is handled can make all the difference between gaining or losing a new customer.

Are you missing out on new business because of poor call handling?

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Going for new business is costly for a company. Virtually every company will have a website currently but in addition to the cost of establishing that internet site, if you want to be found through search engines with SEO or Pay Per Click advertising, the price of this marketing should be assessed but a professional SEO expert in London would certainly be useful.


The individual in charge of sales in a business will also probably have designed and printed business cards and flyers and they might be distributed by leaflet delivery companies.

There might be someone in the company who belongs to a networking group and this might be quite expensive, particularly taking into consideration travel costs.


The cost of Social Media networking need not be neglected either. It may not cost you anything to utilise Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn– unless you are paying for adverts– yet there is still the cost of your time to consider. You might spend ages social networking without really accomplishing anything.

You might likewise have various other adverts, make use of a sales executive or create signage for your company. The checklist is endless and can be incredibly expensive.

All of these aspects help you to get new business but they are costly. Yet having in fact done all these things and invested a great deal of cash, if a telephone call comes in from a potential new client and it is not answered, you will definitely lose that prospective new client because they will probably phone another company.

If a telephone call just goes through to voicemail, a prospective client will probably not leave a message and you would certainly have lost them.

If your company has been selected, it is vital that you do not lose the business at this stage. It would be wonderful to be able to welcome prospective clients to your workplace so they can see how your business works and be pleased with what they see. Telephone answering for those calls that you cannot get to might be a reliable method of making certain you get that opportunity.

To be sure that every call gets answered you could consider using a telephone answering service to take your telephone calls. A lot of telephone answering companies with virtual assistants will offer you the option of answering incoming phone calls first of all and then only answer the calls that you cannot get to. This will give you more flexibility and keep your prices down.

It is a pity to lose out on new business through something which is so basic and reasonably priced.