Why is it becoming more difficult to obtain top page rankings for search phrases on Google?

Why is it becoming more difficult to obtain top page rankings for search phrases on Google?



The development of a high quality internet site as the only approach to online marketing to advertise your business on the internet is probably not going to be efficient any more. You will need support from

– incoming internet link power

– normal postings to include new quality content

– usage of social media networking.


1.There are 2 new points in Google’s ranking formula (their program):

a) Quality Score. Google collects specific signal data to assess the effectiveness of a page on a certain search phrase. A small percentage of time spent on a site, the bounce rate and returning to Google to consider a different site for the same search phrase would indicate low quality (Viniker DA ).

b) Digital Footprint. There is more evidence to show that increasing your digital footprint with brand-new articles, blog site remarks and the frequent use of good quality social media like Google +, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn positively impacts placements (Peter Simcoe).


2. The number of rivals is out there is going up. There were 2 million internet sites in 1998. In 2010, there were 200 million internet sites and over the last 5 years this has increased to 1 billion internet sites today.


The Four Factors for search engine placing for keyword phrases – a short history

On-Page Optimisation

Before Google came about in 1998, online search engines only considered on-page aspects. If the target keyword phrases were placed in the content and also in the underlying coding (the meta-description and meta-keywords) many times, the website was likely to be positioned highly. Really famously, if in the past you searched for AltaVista utilizing the AltaVista online search engine, the AltaVista site was positioned below the fifth page.

Years ago a firm of divorce solicitors in Enfield would only need to include some keywords – maybe divorce and separation, family related legal work or family law issues Enfield – for their website to be ranked highly on Google.

Law High Court YT 400

These days this would not work and a firm of litigation solicitors in Westminster would need to do a lot more than just incorporate keywords like commercial litigation lawyer London, injury claim specialists or consumer and debt litigation on their website.



 Off-Page Optimization

Google launched the idea of individual signals to influence ranking. It used PageRank (which was named after one of the co-founders, Larry Page). The PageRank of a page was calculated from the overall total of the values of all the inbound links to the websites. Google still uses PageRank in its ranking algorithm but it quit releasing PageRank information to the public in December 2013. Moz Page and Domain Authority scores have actually wound up being the absolute best indications of page authority and domain authority that are provided and these are great at revealing website authority.

Quality Score

Google acquires billions of dollars every year from its PPC facility (AdWords). Google makes use of Quality Score to influence placing for AdWords – because of that, placements depend upon a combination of bids and also quality scores of competing pages on internet sites. Lots of optimisers think that Quality Score is a component in organic placings. But inevitably, Quality Score will certainly rely on the high quality of the details offered as well as the presentation of the data.

Social media websites

There is a lot of proof that increasing your electronic impact by writing blogs (creating fresh content), promoting your website on social networking sites like Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook has a positive impact on natural ranking (Peter Simcoe).

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But there are other ways to promote a business as well as by using the internet and a leaflet delivery company in London can advertise your business by designing and printing leaflets and flyers for distribution through letterboxes and this can be another cost effective method of business promotion.